Man Rescued From Under Burning Car Takes First Steps

The young man who was rescued by strangers when his motorcycle accident pinned him under a burning car is now taking his first steps.

Brandon Wright is recovering quickly from his injuries, according to his doctors. With a fractured femur, tibia and fibia, another fracture in his right wrist and a burned foot, he had a lot from which to recover. Still in a wheelchair, Wright took his first steps using a walker a few days ago.

Media organizations across the nation inundated Wright with calls, wanting to hear about his miraculous rescue by so many good Samaritans. Wright found it a bit overwhelming. “It’s weird. I didn’t do anything. I just got into an accident,” Wright said.

Wright has plans to pay his good fortune forward. He is trying to put together a charity organization, called WHEN (Water, Housing, Education and Nutrition) that will help the poor here and in Tijuana, Mexico. He needs the help of a lawyer to set up the non-profit, and hopes he can gather support to get the organization off the ground.

We hope that Wright will be able to use his fame from his motorcycle accident to make his dream a reality.

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