Man Who Spilled Treated Waste Cited By Authorities

Authorities have cited an EDS Waste Solutions driver for causing several crashes after spilling some of the contents of his truck on Interstates 70 and 76.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado, police say the truck leaked treated waste that created a half-mile slick on the highway. Two motorcyclists who hit the substance lost control of their bikes while multiple cars crashed around them. The Colorado State Patrol said the slick also caused another crash on Interstate 76.

According to police, a gap in the bottom of the truck where the latch was not secure led to the leak.

Victor Ward, of Arvada, was driving the truck when the spill occurred. Wheat Ridge police cited him for spilling a load on the highway, and the Colorado State Patrol cited him for a spilled load that caused injury.

7NEWS reports that Ward has twice pleaded guilty to driving a multi-axle with an overweight load.

Because of the speed and volume of vehicles travelling down our roadways, it is vitally important that they be kept free of obstructions. We should always make certain that whatever our load, it is secure and unlikely to wind up left behind to cause an accident.

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