March Accidents Higher Than Usual in Larimer County

Historically, March has always been a quiet month for Larimer County, Colorado. The snow has melted and the roads are dry, so Colorado motorists look forward to a month of security. However, this March had an unusually high incidence of traffic accidents, according to The Coloradoan. In the past week, an Audi crashed into an electrical box, a Dodge Durango hit two cars near Timberline and Prospect, and two motorcyclists collided head-on near the Horsetooth Reservoir. Such activity is strange for a month that usually ranks in the bottom third of traffic accidents.

Fort Collins traffic engineers do not want the larger community to think that the rise in March accidents is definitive evidence of an overall reduction in traffic safety. “We really are looking at long-term trends versus trying to be reactive to short-term events,” said Fort Collins Traffic Engineer Joe Olson. “Accidents, to some extent, are random and unpredictable events. The only way you can get a handle on that is to look at the big picture, the crash patterns and trends over the long term.”

County-wide, there is a trend of decreasing motorcycle accidents. However, after the recent collision near Horsetooth Reservoir, it is clear that Larimer County still has a way to go. Motorcycles “are a big part of our accident numbers,” said the traffic engineer. “That’s a trend we’ve been watching over the past few years.”

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