Marines and Motorcycles

In 2008, more Marines died in motorcycle accidents than the Iraq war.

This startling statistic shows how motorcycle accidents disproportionately affect the motorcycle community. After seeing the 2008 figures for military deaths in bike crashes, the Department of Defense responded by forcing service men and women who bought motorcycles to take rider safety classes.

“Understanding that the Marines are going to go out and get motorcycle and ride them, the Marine Corps’ job is to make sure that it’s done safety,” said Marine spokesperson First Lt. James F. Stenger. Since they began enforcing the safety course policy in 2009, Marine motorcycle accidents have gone down.

Thankfully, deaths have stayed below 2008’s numbers – 113 members of the Armed Forces died in motorcycle accidents that year. Still, there appears to be a correlation between the military and biker mentalities. Both are prone to risk-taking and thrill seeking, according to studies from The Rand Corporation. The studies show that military members are more impulsive than civilians (46 percent versus 8 percent, respectively) and more likely to seek thrills than civilians are (78 percent versus 27 percent, respectively).

We hope veteran deaths in motorcycles continue to decrease, and we encourage anyone considering buying a motorcycle to enroll in a motorcycle safety course to learn the basics. Some of our attorneys are motorcyclists, and we understand the thrills and the risks bikers face. If you lost a loved one or were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, we might be able to help. Call 866-377-3800 and we can schedule a free consultation to review your case. .

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