Mayor Injured in Woodland Park Motorcycle Wreck Returns Home

For the last couple of weeks, we have been following the saga of Woodland Park’s mayor as he recovered from a motorcycle accident. Now in the latest update of this story, Mayor Dave Turley finally returned home following his October 8 motorcycle accident, according to Our Colorado News.

The mayor’s accident happened on Tarryall Road in Park County and left him with broken ribs and a badly bruised lung on the right side of his body. Initially, he was taken to Pikes Peak Regional Hospital for treatment.

However, after the mayor opted for surgery to treat his injuries, he was transferred to Penrose Main Hospital in Colorado Springs. There, Dr. David Hamilton performed surgery on Turley and repaired four of the mayor’s five broken ribs by attaching metal plates secured by screws into the ribs.

Even though one of his ribs was unable to be repaired because it was inaccessible, it is not considered to pose a problem or threat to Mayor Turley. By October 23, the mayor had recovered enough from his surgery to return home, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

“I did not know just how special it is to wake up in your own home and see that beautiful sunrise on Pikes Peak,” Mayor Turley commented in a conversion with his trainer. “I got a good night’s sleep my first night home. I’m still tired and weak but I’m up and around the house without a walker. I am so blessed with my family of friends here in this wonderful community of Woodland Park, plus my friends from around the country and my family in West Virginia who are dealing with the passing of my sister. Prayers, thoughts and good wishes make miracles happen…my never-ending thanks to everyone.”

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