What If My Medication Is Giving Me Strange Symptoms?

additional symptoms from dangerous drugsPrescription medications have given people many new ways to fight diseases and make living with chronic health conditions much easier. However, some medications were rushed to market without sufficient research or testing.  Drug companies are for-profit entities who have incentives to rush products to market and advertise them heavily. They will try to deny liability for dangerous drugs that harm the very people they are supposed to treat.

How Do I Know If a Defective Drug Caused Me Harm?

When a people are sick, have chronic illnesses or acute injuries, they need medical treatment, which may include prescription medication. When a person suffers strange symptoms from a medication, however, it may be difficult to determine if it is the drug causing the problem, or the underlying condition itself causing problems that the mediation is trying to correct. It is not always easy to tell if strange symptoms are normal or should be cause for concern.

Before taking any new medication, be sure to tell your doctor any other drug you may be taking. This includes over-the-counter medications and supplements. Ask questions about what you can expect as a side-effect from the medication. Once you start taking it, if you notice anything strange or unusual, contact your doctor immediately, even if the symptom is mild. If the symptom is severe, however, get to the emergency room immediately and contact your regular doctor. Always err on the side of caution, and do not ignore unusual symptoms or think they will go away on their own. If your doctor or any medical professional does not take your concerns seriously, get a second opinion.

After you receive the necessary medical treatment, speak to a lawyer. A defective drug attorney can investigate with a team of professionals to find out if you have a potential claim against the drug manufacturer.

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