Metier Law Firm Wins Record $9 Million Verdict

A medical malpractice lawsuit with our Denver injury attorney Tom Metier as trial council resulted in a record $9 million verdict in Wyoming last month.

According to the Casper Star-Tribune, the award against the Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette goes far beyond the previous record of $1.5 million.

In 2008, a truck driver for Conquest Energies Co. named Louis Prager was in a rollover accident. The truck he was driving went off an icy road and rolled several times before coming to rest on its top. The wreck left him complaining of neck pain. His company sent him to the hospital, where the doctor took scans of his body, but not of his neck, and the doctor discharged him the same day.

Four days later, Prager was back to the hospital in extreme pain. New tests determined that he had broken his neck. Doctors performed emergency surgery to stabilize his neck, but they could not repair the nerve damage already done.

Now with permanent nerve damage, Prager filed a lawsuit. The verdict of October 27 awarded him $7 million and his wife $2 million for harm to her marriage.

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