Milford Motorcycle Fatality Leads to Multiple Charge Arrest

An intoxicated driver hit Matthew Denice, a 23-year-old biker from Milford, Massachusetts, on Saturday, August 20, after failing to stop at a stop sign. According to Metro West Daily News, Milford Regional Medical Center pronounced Denice dead that night, after the intoxicated truck driver dragged the biker’s body under the wheel of his truck for a quarter of a mile. People who witnessed the accident state that they chased the truck on foot, banging on the door to get the driver to stop.

The driver of the truck, Nicolas Guaman, reportedly left a party earlier in the night in a drunken state with his six-year-old son, and police were already searching for him when the motorcycle accident occurred. After Guaman ran his truck off the road and took off on foot, police chased and arrested him.

Police charged Guaman with multiple offenses, including driving under the influence, negligence, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of an open container, failing to yield at a stop sign, failing to stop for police, driving without a license, reckless conduct creating risk to a child, and resisting arrest.

In addition, police officers contacted the Ecuadorian Consulate because of a question of Guaman’s citizenship. The crash remains under investigation.

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