Military Riders at Fort Bragg Host Motorcycle Safety Event

Riders at Fort Bragg, the military base in North Carolina famous for training U.S. Special Forces, recently hosted a motorcycle safety event.

Before riding to Southern Pines, North Carolina, the riders learned the basics of safety checks and attended a briefing. At the briefing, riders learned the importance of motorcycle maintenance, safe riding techniques and rules for riders serving in the military. The purpose of the trip was to serve as an example of what “riding right” looks like.

Army accident data published by the Department of Defense (DoD) on its website suggests a majority of motorcycle accidents occur due to speeding, not wearing proper safety gear and a lack of training. Most fatal motorcycle accidents in the military involve riders under the age of 25.

Are Motorcycle Accidents Involving Military Personnel Common?

From 1998 to 2008, there were 4,901 motorcycle accidents among all branches of the military, and every one in six was fatal.

In a report titled Medical Surveillance Monthly, military motorcycle accidents were described in more detail. The report, which spanned 14 years, described how 25 percent of motor vehicle accidents involving military personnel were motorcycle accidents.

To help prevent these types of accidents among its personnel, the DoD and Fort Bragg use the Motorcycle Mentorship Program, which pairs up new riders with experienced riders. Learning by example can help military riders add to skills that will help them avoid motorcycle accidents.

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