Mom And Eight Teenagers Roll Off Mountain

A Chevy Suburban containing a mom and eight teenagers slid off the edge of the road and into a ravine outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming last week.

Holly Galbraith, 35, was driving her daughter, along with the seven other teenagers, to an Especially For Youth event in Rexburg, Idaho when she hit a slick patch and went off the road. The vehicle rolled several times before coming to rest on its wheels 180 feet below in a creek bed.

It took 35 rescue volunteers five hours to extract the occupants of the vehicle from the ravine. Fortunately, the crew had practiced their techniques at the same site only three weeks prior.

Gailbraith was released from the hospital with a vertebral fracture on Sunday. Her daughter received only mild injuries, while two of the passengers remain hospitalized.

“I really didn’t expect to see anybody alive,” said Dean Philbrick, Swan Valley fire chief and EMS Director. “I know people have survived that. But that’s a long way down for the type of car they were driving.”

The stretch of highway where the auto accident occurred is known to be troublesome, according to Philbrick. A van carrying three people crashed on it just five years ago.

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