More Cinemark Lawsuits Blame Theater Chain for Shooting

Injured victims and witnesses have sued Cinemark, which owns the Century 16 in Aurora where a fatal shooting took place, for failing to provide adequate security measures. Cinemark countered by saying that it had no way to anticipate this kind of massacre. A new lawsuit against the chain, however, says otherwise.

Chichi and Derick Spruel survived the attack that killed 12 people and injured close to 60 more, but their friend Jesse Childress did not. In their lawsuit against Cinemark, they allege that the chain should have added security precautions because the theater is located in a dangerous area. The suit points to nearly a hundred 911 calls about emergencies, assaults, a shooting, robberies and suspicious behavior made in or around the theater between March and July of 2012. They also claim that the emergency exit Holmes allegedly used to re-enter the theater had no wiring or alarm components. These precautions could have saved lives, the suit says.

The couple did not sustain physical injuries, but they say they are still suffering from psychological injuries due to the horrific sights they saw during the attack.

If a property owner failed to provide a basic measure of safety for his or her guests, they could share responsibility for deaths or injuries that occur. Call (866) 377-3800 today, and for no charge we can review your potential premises liability case.

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[Tom’s Tips: For a premises liability suit to hold water, it must meet three criteria:

  • The negligent party must own the property
  • The victim must have been invited onto the property
  • The owner must have acted with negligence or malice]

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