Mother Of 3 Dies A Month After Motorcycle Accident

A 35-year-old Omaha woman has died this week after a month in the hospital for injuries she sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Nicole Locke was riding east with her husband Tony around 9 p.m. on Sept. 10 on Highway 370 when a semi allegedly ran a red light, pulling in front of them. Tony suffered several injuries, but the crash put Nicole into a coma that she remained in until her death.

Nicole was a mother and a labor and delivery nurse at Bergan Mercy Hospital.

Tony Locke is reported to be recovering, and expected to return to work soon. A fund is in place to help take care of the couple’s three children.

There is no worse combination in an accident than a semitrailer truck and a motorcycle. Tony Locke is very lucky to have escaped the wreck with his life. His wife’s death is truly a tragedy, and emphasizes the vigilance that professional truck drivers must exercise. Their vehicles can destroy anything else on the road, and if they do not stay aware, innocent lives can be lost very quickly.

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