Mother Of Accident Victim Hopes It Is A Lesson

A Maryland man died last month in a motorcycle accident, a death that has left his mother hoping it will serve as a lesson to others to ride more safely.

Twenty-four-year old Kevin Hinnant loved speed, his mother said. It had landed him in traffic court twice before. He had also hit a pothole in 2009 that led to a concussion.

Hinnant was riding his Kawasaki motorcycle on the outer loop of the Beltway when he ran into the guardrail; the impact threw him from the bike. Emergency responders took him to the hospital, where he later died.

Police said they believe alcohol and speed were a factor in the accident.

Hinnant’s mother, Marlene Small, said, “He’s always driven at a fast pace, on his bike, in the car. He loved to speed. What he did last night was completely reckless. Hopefully, this will be a lesson.

“We tried to teach him to respect the people who love him,” Small said. “When you ride, you’re not on that bike by yourself.”

Hinnant was engaged to be married in August to Chala Johnson. “He knew how to make people smile,” Johnson said. “He didn’t like to see people upset. He acted like it was his job to cheer people up.”

We hope Hinnant’s mother is right that this tragedy will teach others the importance of safety. Alcohol, speed and motorcycles do not mix.

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