Motorcycle Accident Attorney Recognized as ‘Top Litigator’ by Law Week Colorado

tom-metier500x500Law Week Colorado recently recognized Tom Metier as a top litigator and wrote an article discussing why he won this distinction. Tom’s story is an interesting one, because as a motorcycle accident attorney, he has been in the same difficult situation as some of his clients.

Earlier in his life, Tom was involved in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle that had pulled out in front of him. After the accident, Tom knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life defending people facing similar circumstances.

An important aspect of Law Week Colorado’s article summarizes Tom’s innovative approach to litigation. To win trials, Tom relies heavily on understanding the psychology of jurors. Crowd psychology (or crowd dynamics) involves a deep understanding of how groups acquire information (juries in this case). For example, Law Week Colorado’s article claims millennials have a better grasp of using technology to understand information than Baby Boomers.

Tom’s mastery of crowd dynamics allows him to fine tune trials to different types of jurors. By using this technique, he can find the most effective ways to communicate complex facts and details to different groups of people. Tom will bring in iPads to present evidence to millennial jurors and diagrams or physical presentations when juries are made up of Baby Boomers.

Tom also relies heavily on using stories to describe the circumstances faced by his clients. An illustrative discussion of facts and details can help jurors take in large amounts of information while still understanding what they are being told.

Why is Tom being recognized as a top litigator by Law Week Colorado? Few trial lawyers take the time and effort to master winning the hearts and minds of juries. Tom uses mock trials to practice winning real ones. His efforts have been enormously successful for clients. In 2015, Tom won a $4,178,000 judgement for a motorcycle accident victim.

Becoming a top litigator does not happen overnight, and what Tom does takes decades of experience to master.

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