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How Are You Avoiding Motorcycle Riding Pains?


Have you ever been on a long ride when a cramp has suddenly struck your hand? Maybe you’ve been out riding as your back starts spasming. Many types of pain can strike while you’re riding a motorcycle. Some are annoying, some can actually affect how you ride, but there are ways to address and avoid … Continue reading

Are Motorcycle Fatalities on the Rise in Colorado?


Is Colorado becoming a safer place for motorcyclists? Well, there’s good news and bad news when it comes to answering this question. The good news, motorcycle fatalities went down last year. The bad news, they’ve gone up over the past few years. So, what does that mean for motorcyclists here in our state? Fighting Motorcycle … Continue reading

How Are You Protecting Your Bike from Motorcycle Thieves?

photo of motorcycle theft

Did you know that summer is usually when the majority of motorcycle thefts happen in Colorado? This is probably due to more motorcycles being out on the road as riders enjoy the great cruising weather. Now, law enforcement officials are warning bikers to be extra vigilant. A spike in auto and motorcycle thefts is rolling … Continue reading

Going to Sturgis 2018? Here Are Some Riding Roads for You to Check Out!

photo of group of bikers

It’s that time of year again! Sturgis has begun and that means riders from all over the country are congregating on a tiny town in the Black Hills for the largest motorcycle rally in the world. However, the rally isn’t the only thing to do when you go to visit Sturgis. Here is a list … Continue reading

What Motorcycle Safety Technologies Are in the Works?

photo of motorcycle accident

In the auto world, semi-autonomous safety features and self-driving capability are all the rage at the moment. These trends often don’t seem like they would fit very well in the concept of motorcycling, but you might be surprised. There are some new technologies being tried out for motorcycles, and they could bring the autonomous trend … Continue reading

Riding Safety: 5 Tips to Help You Keep the Shiny Side Up

Photo of a Dad Putting a Helmet on His Child Before a Motorcycle Ride

It’s summer time, which means riding season is in full swing! That means that you’ve probably already hit the Colorado highways to get a full taste of our state’s natural beauty. But how are you staying safe while riding? If you didn’t know, we are in the middle of the 100 deadliest days of summer—that … Continue reading

Three Reasons Why Motorcyclists Need an Attorney After a Crash

Silver car hits a motorcycle

Motorcycling is fun, thrilling and calming. That’s why so many people become spellbound by the freedom provided by these two-wheeled machines. However, this spectacular pastime comes with certain risks. Do you know how best to protect yourself from these risks? Some use fancy gadgets, others use leather, pad and carbon fiber, but sometimes motorcyclists need … Continue reading

The Colorado State Patrol Takes Over Motorcycle Safety

two riders supporting realities ride 2013

Motorcycle season here in Colorado is finally underway, mountain passes have cleared of snow, and temperatures are now high enough to make riding comfortable. However, considering how vulnerable riders are out on the open road, motorcycle safety has to be a top priority. Now that responsibility will fall to the Colorado State Patrol, but are … Continue reading

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