3 Things You Can Do If You’re Stuck At A Red Light on a Motorcycle

Photo of a motorcyclistWe’ve all had it happen to us—we ride up to a stop light, we wait for the signal to turn green, we get an everlasting red light. The traffic sensor won’t detect your motorcycle, so the signal light won’t change, but you don’t know if you can cross the street or not. Do you cross? Do you wait for a car to come and trip the sensor? Do you pitch a tent and camp out?

Three Things A Motorcyclist Can Do If You’re Stuck At A Red Light

  1. The Swerve: There are two types of sensors for traffic lights: magnetic field detectors, and cameras. Both can miss motorcycles, but some people have tripped these detectors by safely moving back and forth within their lane before coming to a stop. This can provide the motion needed to trigger a camera sensor, or it could maximize the amount of metal detectable by magnetic sensors.
  2. The Lean: If the light is controlled by magnetic sensors, then you need to expose as much of your motorcycle’s metal parts in order for the sensor to detect you. One way of doing this is by leaning your bike over. This should widen your vehicle’s profile, which improves your chances of being detected.
  3. The Kickstand: Sometimes you can see the magnetic detection strips embedded in the road when you come to a stop at a traffic light. If you have a metal kickstand on your motorcycle, shift into neutral, put your kickstand down, and try placing it on top of the sensor strip. This often results in the triggering of the light, and can get you on your way again.

Colorado law says that if a red light is stuck or not functioning, you should treat the light like a stop sign, but this is still a dangerous prospect. Try these tips instead, and hopefully you’ll be on your way again in no time.

From the motorcycle accident attorneys at the Metier Law Firm… Ride safe Colorado!