500 Miles on an eBike? You Must Be Dreaming…

When it comes to motorcycles, just about everyone loves the purr and the roar of a good engine… Or do they? Recently, electric motorcycles have been getting more and more headlines, but few bikers seem to be willing to turn in their growling steeds for ones that hum. However, that might soon change…

Is 500 Miles on an eBike Possible?

The number one complaint most motorcyclists have with electric motorcycles has nothing to do with their power or how loud they are. In fact, most eBikes have tons of torque available at all points in the powerband, and they also barely make a sound. No, the reason motorcyclist generally don’t like electric motorcycles is because of their range.

Most eBikes only have a range of just over 100 miles per charge, while there are internal combustion engine (ICE) bikes that can go just over 320 miles on a single tank. This difference in range is a deal breaker for most, but what if range wasn’t a problem? What if eBikes could go even farther than ICE motorcycles? Well, Richard Hatfield—the head of Lightning Motorcycles—is promising to do just that!

After his company won our very own Pikes Peak International Hill Climb back in 2013, Hatfield turned his company’s attention to a new goal—the 500-mile mark. Lightning Motorcycles wants to build a motorcycle that can ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single charge. So far the company has acquired the help of the Battery Innovation Center in Indiana. This nonprofit works with businesses like NEC and Duke Energy to produce battery solutions small enough and powerful enough to handle the needs of the consumer market.

Do you think Lightning Motorcycles will be able to achieve its lofty goal? Would increasing the range of electric motorcycles tempt you to get one? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter, and keep following our motorcycling attorneys right here on this blog.