6 Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle for the Off Season

Realities Ride 2013We’ve had it pretty lucky this year. Most of the nation—including Colorado—has experienced a mild fall this year. That means you’ve been able to enjoy some extra weeks of riding, but all good things must come to an end. As they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming, and that means it’s time to put our toys away.

6 Things You Need To Do When Storing Your Motorcycle

  1. Change the Oil– If you have recently had your oil changed, then you can skip this step. However, if that oil hasn’t been changed since last riding season, get you an oil filter wrench and a splatter pan. Fresh oil in the engine will help preserve it while the bike sits. Once you’ve got the fresh stuff in, don’t forget to turn your bike on for a minute so the new oil can circulate.
  2. Gas Treatment– Before you put the hog away for the winter, fill your tank and put some fuel stabilizer in it. Gas only has a shelf life of about a month or so, then it starts to turn into bad gas. Fuel stabilizer will prevent that. And fill your tank all the way to the top to prevent condensation and rust inside your tank.
  3. Clean the Carbs– If you have a motorcycle with a carburetor, flush the bowls and make sure they’re clear of gas. To do this, just close the fuel valve while your bike is running and let the motor run till it stops. Otherwise, you could have to rebuild your carbs to get all the varnish out.
  4. Lube it Up– Your drive chain, every cable and certain joints need to be lubed. This will keep these parts from sticking up while the bike sits, and it’ll mean you get back on the road faster when spring comes.
  5. Check your Coolant– If your coolant is old, flush it. If your coolant is low, top it off. Just make sure you have the right mixture of coolant to water so nothing rusts while your baby sits.
  6. Prevent Cupping– Come springtime you’re going to be eager to ride, but it’s going to be annoying if you have to wait for your tires to stop vibrating. When your bike sits, flat spots can develop on your tires. To prevent this you can put your motorcycle on stands that keep the tires from touching the ground. If you don’t have any stands available, you can also rotate your tires every couple of weeks to make sure those flat spots don’t develop.

There’s even more you can do to keep your motorcycle in tip top shape while it takes the winter off. Keep following the Metier Law Firm’s motorcycling attorneys to learn more about these methods. You can also head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages to share your own tips.