Does the American Military Have Any Tips on Motorcycle Safety?

U.S. Army officials have started to look for ways to lower the rate of motorcycle accidents among its service members. In 2014, the Army had the smallest number of accidental deaths, and current plans are to continue driving those numbers down. The Army Combat Readiness Safety Center policy has been to develop outreach efforts on social media in an attempt to spread awareness on motorcycle safety.

Safety campaign coordinators are trying to find more direct ways to assess solutions on reducing motorcycle accidents for on and off duty service members. Coordinators are also asking soldiers themselves what they think would work best, and asking them to mail answers in directly to the Brigadier General spearheading the campaign.

The U.S. Army Uses a Mandatory Motorcycle Safety Course

According to data released from the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, from 1999 to 2012, 1,134 members of the U.S. military died from motorcycle related accidents. A majority of those who died were aged 20-24 years old, male and active duty in the Marines. Currently, the Army requires all service members to take the Army Traffic Safety Training Program, with an additional Progressive Motorcycle Program for soldiers who ride motorcycles.

Motorcycle safety courses used by the Army teach tips for motorcycle maintenance and advice for utilizing protective clothing. In addition to basic tips, some classes give firsthand lectures taught by service members who have survived motorcycle accidents.

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