Has Another State Legalized Lane Splitting?

On January 1st, lane splitting in California became legal. It was a victory for motorcycle advocates all over the country, especially since they hoped that more states would follow California’s example. It has been almost three months since this historic occasion passed, but have any other states legalized lane splitting?

Will Legalized Lane Splitting Spread Across the US?

As state lawmakers all across the country head back to session and start debating new laws for their corner of our great nation, your motorcycling attorneys have made some interesting discoveries. Did you know that Oregon, Montana and Washington have all submitted lane splitting bills?

While there is no word on the progress of bills in Oregon and Montana, the Washington bill seems to be gaining traction. That bill managed to pass the Washington State Senate with only a little tweak by the bill’s sponsor, Senator Tim Sheldon.

Sen. Sheldon removed a portion of the bill that would have limited lane sharing motorcycles to the far-left lane. That provision, if it had stayed in, would have prevented motorcyclists from getting to their exits, but the rider community in Washington spoke up, and this state lawmaker listened.

The bill will also limit the speed of lane splitters to no more than 35 mph, and those lane sharing riders can only go 10 mph faster than their surrounding traffic. The law would also make it illegal for car drivers to block motorcycles from splitting lanes.

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