Is Apple Trying to Break into the Motorcycle Market?

Learn more about Colorado motorcycle accident attorney Tom MetierIt was due to come out two years ago, but technical difficulties kept the C-1 Auto-Balancing Electric Vehicle (C1) from launching. Lit Motors, the startup that was supposed to release the C1, has since come under fire from critics and competition. However, the tide could be turning for this little manufacturer, and it could dot the eye on their self-balancing motorcycle.

How is Apple Breaking into the Motorcycle Market?

The self-balancing motorcycle called C1 was supposed to become available for consumers in the first quarter of 2016. But that didn’t happen. The company that builds the machine has been pretty tight-lipped about why the bike has been a no show, but several sources are pointing the finger at money. Apparently, Lit Motors has only raised $2.2 million from investors, and that just won’t be enough to get the project rolling. However, a certain Silicon Valley titan of industry might be able to help.

There are reports surfacing that Apple has shown interest in buying Lit Motors and its two-wheeled contraption. This could give the project all the funding it needs to put the crazy electric motorcycles on the road, but releasing self-balancing motorcycles may only be the beginning of Apple’s master plan.

What Would Apple Do with a Motorcycle?

For years, Apple has been trying to develop autonomous driving technology, but Google and Tesla seem to beating the Cupertino computer maker to the punch. The Project Titan autonomous EV program—Apple’s attempt at designing a self-driving vehicle—seems to have ground to a halt. Could acquiring a vehicle manufacturer be just the nudge Apple needs to get it’s autonomous driving program back on track?

For now, Apple is keeping tight lipped, but the industry is buzzing. There are also rumors that the company is looking to purchase British automaker McLaren. Do you think the rumors are true? Do you think Apple will soon have an iMoto to show off to the world? Keep reading our motorcycle blog to find out. You can also follow the attorneys that ride at the Metier Law Firm by following our Facebook and Twitter pages.