Are Motorcycle Fatalities on the Rise in Colorado?

Is Colorado becoming a safer place for motorcyclists? Well, there’s good news and bad news when it comes to answering this question. The good news, motorcycle fatalities went down last year. The bad news, they’ve gone up over the past few years. So, what does that mean for motorcyclists here in our state?

Fighting Motorcycle Fatalities in Colorado

In 2016, 126 motorcyclists died on Colorado roadways. That was the highest number of motorcyclist deaths recorded in our state since officials started keeping track of these statistics. But in 2017, those numbers dropped to 103. This was good news. However, the number of rider deaths had increased for four years before this drop. That means last year’s decrease was only a step in the right direction. The real test comes as we tally the numbers for 2018.

As of August 27th, there have been 66 motorcycle-related fatalities in Colorado. That’s 17 percent of the total vehicle-related fatalities on our roads. Does it mean these numbers are going down? On July 30th, two motorcyclists died within hours of each other in Aurora. On August 27th, another rider in Colorado Springs succumbed to his injuries. On that same day, a 75-year-old rider involved in a crash on I-70 also passed away. This string of crashes paints a frightening picture.

Authorities are urging riders to be cautious and to brush up on their riding skills by taking a MOST motorcycle safety course. They are also urging drivers to stay vigilant for riders. Collisions with motor vehicles account for most major motorcycle crashes. They can be caused by distracted driving, inattention or just plain carelessness, so drivers need to be extra cautious.

For more information about protecting motorcycle riders, keep following the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm. We know how to help motorcyclists because we ride too.