Are the Best Electric Motorcycle Racers Students?

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is a race like no other, and now a team of students can say they won the Race to the Clouds. What are we talking about? How could students win an international racing event? The journey wasn’t an easy one.

Can Students Become the Best Electric Motorcycle Racers?

This journey starts at Ohio State University around seven years ago. A group of students got together and using their ingenuity, they built an electric motorcycle, but it wasn’t merely enough to put a bike together. The students kept working and eventually came up with the RW-2, which the school took to the Isle of Man in 2013. They won 3rd place in competition and broke the record for fastest collegiate motorcycle by setting an average lap speed record of 90-mph.

Fast forward to 2017, and the OSU program has only thrived. They are now called the Buckeye Current, and they take their student designed and built bike to races all over the world. However, their journey to Pikes Peak was particularly special.

Turning in a time of 10:55.500, the Buckeye Current RW-3X won the electric motorcycle category of the Pikes Peak Challenge. They were the 11th best motorcycle to cross the line up on the hill, and the 28th best time in the entire field. Their competitors this year were Idaten on a Zero FXS and the University of Nottingham, but beating these rivals isn’t enough for this plucky team.

The Buckeye Current promises to return to PPIHC to get a better lap time. After all, 2016 electric motorcycle class winner Don Canet rode a 10.17.813. Surely, these students are up to the task of that lap.

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