Would You Buy An Electric Harley-Davidson?

You saw it in Avengers: Age of Ultron, you saw it featured in magazine articles, but for the past two years, the Harley-Davidson Livewire has remained a snow leopard—seen so rarely that most people think it doesn’t exist. Well, looks like Harley might be ready to pull the curtain off and let you go for a spin.

Would You Buy An Electric Harley-Davidson?

After premiering the prototype Livewire electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson slowly clammed up. They would only let people have a glimpse of the machine, and they had no release date for a road going model, but that could soon change.

Harley’s Senior Vice President of Global Demand Sean Cummings has told the Milwaukee Business Journal that the big bike company will produce an electric motorcycle for the riding public within the next five years. That’s an incredible statement considering that Harley’s ride into the e-bike industry hit a major bump in the road last year.

The classic chopper company hit a major snag in its electronic plans when Mission Motors went belly up. HD had teamed up with the electronic drivetrain company to help produce its next generation of futuristic bikes, but due to internal strife, Mission Motors lost its investors and declared bankruptcy. This put Harley in a tight spot, and the company scrambled to get electric engineers that could make up for the loss. Well, it looks like they found them because the development of a Harley-Davidson road bike appears to have the greenlight.

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