Colorado Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Continue To Increase

Colorado transportation officials are alarmed over the high number of fatal motorcycle accidents this year. Four of the 52 fatal motorcycle accidents have occurred in Larimer County. To reduce fatal motorcycle accidents, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has launched two safety campaigns.

The first campaign, Ride Wise, is aimed at teaching motorcyclists defensive riding techniques. CDOT uses the Ride Wise campaign to show the importance of motorcycle safety training for older riders. According to CDOT, 55 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involved men over the age of 45. To help reduce fatalities among this demographic, CDOT has focused its attention on getting riders over the age of 45 involved in motorcycle safety courses.

Last week’s blog was about the second campaign, Look Twice, which is aimed at educating motorists to look carefully for riders. Motorists’ failing to spot riders in time to avoid collisions has become a primary cause of motorcycle accidents.

Why are Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Increasing in Colorado?

Some in Larimer County place the blame for motorcycle accidents on distracted drivers. Although Colorado bans texting behind the wheel for all motorists, it has still become a common practice and cause of accidents. Other drivers speed and some are impaired, which can also pose a danger to motorcyclists.

In some cases, roads and negligent drivers can become a cocktail for motorcycle accidents. Colorado roads can be windy and enclosed, not giving riders much room to maneuver to avoid accidents.

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