Colorado Riders To Raise Money During Charity Motorcycle Ride

This past Saturday, riders from around world met in Colorado to participate in the 40th annual Colorado 500 Dirt Bike Ride. The exciting event started with a vintage bike show, but the true party started when riders set off on five-day off-road trip through the beautiful Colorado mountains.

The Colorado 500 Dirt Bike Ride started as a bonding experience for two riders in 1975 and involved riding through Rocky Mountain trails. Founder Wally Dallenbach Sr. is a riding enthusiast and former Indy racer. Every year, riders from all over the world meet at his ranch to start the 500-mile tradition.

Over the years, the event has grown, and more people continue to participate. As the event became larger, more people donated larger sums of money towards the charitable purpose of the ride. The Colorado 500 Dirt Bike Ride has donated more than $650,000 to local schools, helping graduating high school seniors pay for college. It has also donated money to veterans’ associations.

Are Charity Motorcycle Events Common In Colorado?

Motorcycle charity rides and rallies are common across the country, but especially in Colorado. On Labor Day weekend, riders will meet in Durango, Colorado for the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally.

The rally will feature events such as a veterans’ run with proceeds going towards Operation Second Chance. Operation Second Chance helps wounded veterans by offering counseling services, hospital visits, retreats and other resources.

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