Denver Motorcyclist Fatalities Are on The Rise — Can The Trend Be Stopped?

Photo of women grieving over a wrongful deathThe year is almost over, but the roads around Denver don’t seem to be getting any safer for motorcyclists. This month, a Denver police officer was hurt in a motorcycle crash, and a 61-year-old veteran was laid to rest after falling victim to a hit and run incident. These crashes have officials worried about the high number of fatalities happening on the city’s streets, but can anything be done about it?

Denver Motorcyclist Fatalities Are On The Rise

This veteran’s death brings the total of motorcyclist deaths in Denver to 13, which is 24 percent of all traffic fatalities citywide. This alarming number is not only a wakeup call for the drivers of Denver, but it has implications all over the state.

How Many Motorcyclist Fatalities Happen In Colorado?

Last year 94 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents, this year that number is project to exceed 90. Since 2010, the number of motorcycle fatalities has steadily increased and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The Colorado Department of Transportation even launched the Live to Ride campaign to help spread awareness, but once again the state is on track to experience another increase in motorcyclist deaths.

How Can I Help Decrease Motorcycle Accidents?

For now the Denver police are asking drivers to watch out for motorcyclists. Give bikers extra space on the road so they have enough room to maneuver, and so you can have enough room to properly respond if a road hazard suddenly appears.

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