Do These 9 Things Immediately After Your Motorcycle Accident

There’s nothing quite like riding free on your motorcycle down the long Wyoming roads. When an accident occurs, though, the situation can be the exact opposite: stressful, uncomfortable, and painful.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, it’s understandable that it will take you a minute or two to get your bearings. However, it’s imperative that you do certain tasks immediately following your motorcycle accident so that you can set yourself up for success in your recovery. If you’ve sustained a motorcycle accident injury in Wyoming, then contact Metier Law Firm today for representation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are experienced, dedicated, and qualified. Visit us today for a risk-free consultation.

What to Do Following a Motorcycle Accident

Check For Injury

You’ll likely be confused and even full of adrenaline right after the accident. Before you even think about insurance or a motorcycle accident lawyer, you should check yourself and others for injuries. Call 911 immediately if anyone is hurt — calling 911 is not admitting liability.

Call The Police

Calling the police isn’t only necessary when there’s an injury; it’s also necessary to corroborate any evidence or information from the scene. A police report will detail damage to your motorcycle accident, clothing, and more.

Take Photos

After making sure you’re safe where you are, take photos that document your motorcycle and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Your photos should show a variety of angles, and your motorcycle injury attorney will use them later for evidence.

If the accident happened in a construction zone with uneven lanes, then photos at a low angle are helpful. This is because by law, there is supposed to be a specific angle from the old lane to the one being poured. If photos aren’t taken at that point, then the crew usually paves the other lane before investigators can get on scene. It’s essential to take many photos, from many different angles, to ensure you have all the needed evidence for your motorcycle accident case.

Get Off The Road

Turn on any hazard lights or other warning signals if you can, and remove yourself and others from the road so you’re all in safety.
Gather Information

The police report will do some of this, but you should also gather contact information for other people involved, contact information for witnesses, insurance information of the involved vehicles, vehicle information, the officer’s information, and the police report number.

Don’t Admit Fault

Even if the motorcycle accident may seem like your fault initially, it’s important that you don’t admit fault. There could have been many other circumstances — that you’re unaware of — that contributed to the accident.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Speak with your insurance agent as soon as you can after the motorcycle accident, but, again, do not admit fault. Say that you will provide information about vehicle damage or personal injuries after you speak with professionals.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t think you have an injury at all, let alone a large one, it’s vital that you seek medical attention immediately after your motorcycle accident. This will detail if there are any injuries and provide more evidence of what you went through.

Contact A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

And, last but not least, you should meet with a motorcycle injury attorney. Find a motorcycle accident attorney who rides or a law firm with motorcycle riders on staff. We know that by doing this, you’ll receive professional help in working through your claim and, ultimately, reaching a settlement quickly. Your settlement will help you return to physical and financial health — contact Metier Law Firm today for a risk-free consultation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will help you get back on your feet.