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Five Tips on How to Ride During Autumn

Fall is here, but just because it’s starting to get chilly doesn’t mean you have to put your motorcycle away for the year. There is still some good weather and events out there for Coloradoans who don’t want to hang up their riding jackets for the year. Here are some tips that may help, from the motorcycling attorneys at Metier Law Firm.

How to Ride During Autumn: Five Tips to Make Your Ride Better

  1. Watch Out for Leaves­– Just like patches of gravel in the summer, piles of leaves are a nightmare. They can turn a sticky road into a slick ice skating rink in no time, especially if they are wet. Avoid clumps of leaves while you are out on your ride, and you’ll keep the shiny side up.
  2. Animal Crossings– Many different animals become active in the Fall season. They are on a mission to collect food stores for the winter, and if that food is next to a road, well you can bet they’ll try to cross it. Deer, elk and moose are most notorious for causing Fall highway hazards, but be on the lookout for smaller animals like raccoons, beavers and groundhogs.
  3. Dress in Layers– Any cool weather outside will be even colder on a motorcycle. A 55-degree day is more like a 35-degree day from the saddle of a motorcycle. So, dress appropriately. Start with a set of thermals, then consider a thick shirt and pants. Be sure to wear full finger gloves, and don’t forget your safety gear on top of all of that. That’ll keep you nice and warm on a cool Fall ride.
  4. Check Out Local Events– Fall also happens to be the season of festivals, and Colorado is no exception to the rule. There are plenty of Oktoberfests all over the state, and it is also the perfect time for charities. In late Fall, and early December, it’s not hard to find a local charity ride. We’re a bit partial to Bikes 4 Tykes and Children’s Hospital Toy Run, but there is always a ride for a good cause happening near you in the Fall.
  5. Know How to Say “When”– Just because you can ride doesn’t always mean you should. What makes Fall enjoyable for riders, cool temperatures and beautiful scenery, can also be dangerous. Don’t take any unnecessary risks.

A friendly reminder from the attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm—enjoy your Fall rides everyone!