The Future of Motorcycles Will Be Made in… Germany?

So when BMW designs a motorcycle, it claims to think five to ten years ahead to anticipate what motorcyclists will need. But what would happen if BMW got a little crazy with that policy? What if BMW decided to look ahead by 100 years?

BMW and the Future of Motorcycles

It’s called the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 and it is the fourth and final part of BMW’s Vision Next series. To celebrate the last 100 years of BMW, the automaker created four concept vehicles to explore what automobiles would be like in 100 years, and the Motorrad Vison Next was the motorcycle entry to this project.

The company unveiled the bike in an airplane hangar in Santa Monica, California, and the company brags it’s like nothing to come before it. The bike is equipped with artificial intelligence that will make ride recommendations and adjustments to handle road conditions. It will have a pair of digital glasses that communicate with the rider and points out road hazards. It will have a frame that’s so advanced that when you turn the handlebars, the frame will adjust to make the turn.

The bike has a segmented design that uses the old 1923 R32 design as inspiration, but this bike isn’t powered by BMW’s boxer engine. The company claims that the bike will have a “non-gasoline” power source, as well as several other revolutionary technologies. The company even claims that the bike will be so safe you won’t have to wear a helmet or safety gear.

So when should you look for this bike? The year 2116 perhaps? Like most concept vehicles, BMW has made no guarantees that this machine will make it to production. However, it is holding several of the machine’s technological innovations close to the chest, so we might see parts of this bike on other BMWs.

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