Going On A Long-Distance Ride? Follow These 6 Tips For Safety

The open road is calling your name — where are you off to this time? Whether you’re opting for the Blue Ridge Parkway, Beartooth Highway, Natchez Trace Parkway, the Pacific Coast Highway, or another of the best motorcycle rides in the U.S., safety should be just as big of a concern as your fun and thrill are.

The Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado, for example, is only 60 miles long but is full of twisting roads, exquisite scenery, and plenty of wildlife — all of which can easily lead to a motorcycle accident. If you’ve been in an accident on your bike in Colorado, then you’ll need a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you. Our personal injury firm in Colorado — Metier Law Firm — is here to help. We will work hard to help you get the compensation and protection you deserve. Contact us today for risk-free consultation, and be sure to read today’s blog so you can safely plan for your next motorcycle trip!

Acknowledge Your Limits

If the most you’ve ever ridden at once is 150 miles, then it’s unwise to have the first few days of your journey be 500+ miles each day! As soon as something starts to annoy you or is uncomfortable, fix it. The minor problem at the beginning could be a larger problem later on.

Get Enough Sleep

You should sleep enough each night that you’re well-rested for your ride the next day. On top of this, you should also pull off anytime you feel yourself getting too tired. Don’t worry about making time when this happens — resting up can make you travel faster later. Besides, better safe than sorry.

Be Healthy

Have the food and water on your bike that you need, along with pain pills or any medications you could need. When you’re traveling in an area that doesn’t have many restaurants or stops, it’s essential you have the food and water you need.

Be Safe

Sounds broad, right? Go ahead and police yourself, though: don’t speed, don’t drive impaired, wear a helmet, put on your rain suit before it rains, and stay away from trucks. A long-distance road trip on your bike is not the time to push safety.

Prepare Your Bike

Before your trip starts, get everything in order on your bike and make sure your tool kit is prepared for any problems you could face. Plan to check your motorcycle every day for minor repairs or simply to give you peace of mind.

Prepare Your Gear

Tow service? Flashlights? Repair kit? Do you have everything you need? Prepare your gear, pack it well, and make sure everything is conveniently located for when you would actually use it.

Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? Work With Us Today

We hope you have a safe, enjoyable trip. However, motorcycle accidents happen. Contact Metier Law Firm today if you need a motorcycle accident lawyer you can help you get compensation. Our motorcycle injury attorneys have the dedication, experience, and qualifications you’re looking for. Get a risk-free consultation today for your case when you meet with one of our motorcycle accident lawyers in Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Golden, or Colorado Springs.