How Did Harley-Davidson Get Scammed Out of Over $150,000?

Photo of a motorcyclistSure, $150,000 might not seem like a lot to Harley-Davidson, but how that money was taken hurts the company’s spirit far more than its pocketbook. An employee broke the company’s trust, and now criminal charges are hanging in the balance.

Was Harley-Davidson Scammed Out of Over $150,000?

An employee out of Harley’s Milwaukee plant managed to steal about $164,000 before her employment ended in 2014. She took the money by taking advantage of the motorcycle maker’s college tuition assistance program, and she got away with it for years. Police say her financial scheme started back in 2011.

The woman would register for classes at Ottawa University and online with Ashford University. Once the Harley-Davidson Tuition Assistance Program paid for her classes, she would cancel her registration and pocket the refund. She would later spend all the cash on credit card bills and other items the police have yet to release information on.

Worse yet, this woman has not been arrested. The police say they may give their evidence to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office soon, but there has been no word on an arrest yet. Harley-Davidson has also not commented on the alleged fraud.

What do you think Harley-Davidson should do? Will the company continue its college tuition program? Will the woman be arrested for taking advantage of the motorcycle maker? The lawyers that ride hope to find out soon, and you can check our Twitter and Facebook feed for updates.