How Are You Avoiding Motorcycle Riding Pains?

Have you ever been on a long ride when a cramp has suddenly struck your hand? Maybe you’ve been out riding as your back starts spasming. Many types of pain can strike while you’re riding a motorcycle. Some are annoying, some can actually affect how you ride, but there are ways to address and avoid such pains.

Avoiding Motorcycle Riding Pains

The first step in avoiding motorcycle pains is understanding why your body is hurting. Strain, dehydration and poor circulation are often at the top of this list. Relieving these problems can not only keep your ride pain-free, but it can also extend how long you can ride.

  • Riding Position—The position we ride in can often affect the pains we feel in our bodies. If your position leans too far forward, then your hands and wrists could suffer. Try to keep your forearms, wrists and brake lever in a straight line. This will help reduce strain on your hands. If you ride in a position that bends your back awkwardly, try to adopt a straighter posture. If your knees are bent too far, try sitting further back in your seat. Correct positioning can help save you a lot of pain, so make sure you’re riding with the best position for your riding style.
  • Motorcycle Adjustments—Not every bike is built for every rider. Some cruisers have handlebars that are too high. Some sport bikes have foot pegs that stuff knees into tanks. Some touring bikes have windshields that are just too short. To fix these problems, the aftermarket has many solutions for your ergonomic challenges. Handle brackets can lower, raise or move your handgrips forward or back. This can relieve pain in hands, shoulders and back. Adjustable rearsets can also allow you to customize your foot positions, relieving back and knee pain. An adjustable windscreen can divert turbulent air off riders as well, preventing neck pain, fatigue and headaches.
  • The Right Gear—Did you know that leather jackets that are too tight can push stomach acid into your esophagus? Did you know that most motorcycle helmets don’t have enough sound protection? Even your gloves can affect you pain levels when it comes to riding. Having gloves with dampening cushions can help keep your hands from going numb. Ear plugs can prevent hearing loss and headaches. Well-fitted leathers will not only keep you safe in a crash, but they will encourage proper circulation to keep you riding longer. Even a hydration pack will do wonders to help improve your ride.

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