How Can Riders Avoid Motorcycle Accidents Around Large Vehicles?

A motorcycle accident in Lakewood can serve as an important reminder to be very cautious while riding around larger vehicles. Emergency responders were called to the scene of the accident, where a charter bus carrying a youth group from Nebraska had pulled out in front a 24-year-old motorcyclist, killing him. The driver of the charter bus has been charged with careless driving resulting in death.

Large vehicles can be especially dangerous to riders, as we are more difficult to spot. Semi-trucks, buses and construction vehicles have more blind spots than other automobiles. In some cases, drivers of large vehicles may be fatigued or negligent for other reasons, and avoiding blind spots may not matter.

  • Blind spots on semi-trucks can include the inside right, left, back and front of the vehicle. Motorcycles can also speed up quickly on larger and slower vehicles, creating additional blind spots.
  • Some vehicles are large enough to create vacuums of air that can suck riders underneath. To avoid air vacuums, never get too close to the sides or behind large vehicles.
  • Following too closely behind large vehicles can put riders at risk for a rear-end accident if the flow of traffic is interrupted.

Commercial Drivers Can Also Help Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle safety is a two-way street, and commercial drivers have an obligation to be aware of smaller vehicles. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, a motorcycle can appear further away than it is, making it difficult to judge its speed. Drivers should always allow motorcycles additional following distance, and should carefully check blind spots before changing lanes.

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