Do You Know Why Left-Hand Turns Are Dangerous For Motorcyclists?

During this time of the year it is particularly hard to get out and enjoy a ride on your motorcycle, but on November 22, a 55-year-old man from Colorado Spring managed to do so. The weather was nice and he was enjoying himself when a Chevy Blazer travelling east on Airport Road made a left-hand turn into the rider’s path. The 55-year-old was not able to avoid the SUV.

Why Left-Hand Turns Are Dangerous For Motorcyclists

The 55-year-old did not survive the collision with the SUV, and Colorado Springs Police have charged the driver of the blazer with careless driving. Unfortunately, this type of crash isn’t uncommon for motorcyclists.

The most common type of motorcycle accident that riders face is caused when another vehicle takes a left-hand turn as a rider enters an intersection. Turning drivers often don’t see motorcyclists when they check for cross traffic. Sometime it can be because they are only looking for cars, sometimes it can be because they misjudged the speed of an oncoming bike. In any case, the results are disastrous and often fatal.

The only way to avoid this accident is to see it coming, so always remember that an intersection is the most dangerous place on the road for a motorcyclist. When approaching any intersection you should always be prepared to take evasive action, so have a plan and know your escape route.

Last year Colorado had 94 motorcycle fatalities, and we are currently on track to surpass that number in 2015. The Colorado Springs police department are asking all drivers to be aware of motorcyclists, and to remember that many riders take advantage of nice days during the fall and winter to get out on their bikes for a quick ride.

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