Man Does The Impossible, Surfs On The Ocean With His Motorcycle

Some riders enjoy open roads and others favor beautiful trails, but an Australian stunt rider has shown the world he prefers the harsh waves of Tahiti. In a very dangerous but visually incredible stunt, Robbie Maddison used a modified KTM 300 motocross bike to surf. You read that correctly – someone used a motorcycle as if it was a surfboard.

In a four-minute YouTube video, Maddison can be seen zipping across the waves of Tahiti as if he were using any other normal watercraft. How did he do it? The process involved a lot of trial and error, finding the right materials and plenty of modifications.

Maddison equipped the front wheel of his bike with a ski and the back wheel with paddles. He also had his engine outfitted with an air intake to keep it from sucking in too much water. Before making the modifications to the engine, every time the bike submerged it would take hours to clean and fix. His team also attached inflatable bags to the bike to keep it from submerging every time he crashed.

Maddison and his team went through several different types of skis before settling on the right one. Aluminum didn’t work: it just got banged up against surface rocks and other debris. A wide-width plastic ski ended up working just fine, allowing more durability.

After finding the perfect setup, Maddison was able to ride waves for 15 miles in front of baffled onlookers. It isn’t every day kayakers see motorcycles racing behind them.

We don’t condone using motorcycles as surfboards, but this story was too cool to not share!

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