Did Your Motorcycle Break Down? Blame It on Billy Joel

Here's our paralegal Paula Glazer with Bruce Springsteen at a book signing!
Here’s our paralegal Paula Glaser with Bruce Springsteen at a book signing!

A few weeks ago, we posted an interesting story on our Facebook page. A group of riders in New Jersey got the surprise of their lives when they pulled over to help a rider in need. They got the chance to brush elbows with rock legend Bruce Springsteen, but that wasn’t the only rock legend involved in this story.

The Motorcycle Break Down: By Billy Joel

A group of riders from the Freehold American Legion decided to celebrate Veteran’s Day the best way they knew how. They jumped on their motorcycles and rode out into the beautifully mild fall weather. As they were riding, they saw a fellow motorcyclist stranded on the side of the road, and they decided to go over and see if there was anything they could do to help. The men were shocked to see who they were rescuing.

Bruce Springsteen was out riding his motorcycle when it broke down and he was stranded on the side of a New Jersey back road. The riders from the Freehold American Legion pulled over and came to his aid. When they realized who the man was, the legionnaires got a little star struck, but they still did their best to help. After working on Springsteen’s bike for a while, they couldn’t revive it, so they all went to a local bar and hung out.

A few weeks later, Billy Joel came out on stage and sang Springsteen’s song Born to Run. Once he was through, he shared a funny story with the audience. Joel told them about Springsteen breaking down on Veteran’s Day, then he told the audience he had built the motorcycle that broke down. Of course, Joel called Springsteen to apologize after he heard the news, but apparently, Springsteen told him not to worry about it.

Motorcycling is about freedom, the journey, and the stories you collect along the way. For a group of riders in New Jersey, they have a pretty awesome tale to tell. What’s your best motorcycle story? Share it with us on Twitter or Facebook. You can also catch more great stories from our motorcycling attorneys here on the Metier Law Firm’s motorcycle blog.