Motorcycle Safety 101: Four Ways To Make Your Motorcycle Visible

In a country where distracted driving has become endemic, riders need an edge to stay visible. Failure to spot riders has become a major cause of motorcycle accidents. It may look dorky, but standing out to other motorists can save your life. Bright clothing, flashy colors, reflective stickers and high-powered LED lights can make your motorcycle very difficult to miss.

  • Motorcycles are the smallest vehicles on the road and are difficult to spot. Having a brightly colored bike can help you stand out, especially when passing other vehicles. Brightly colored motorcycles are also easier to spot at nighttime.
  • High-vis gear can add an extra layer of visibility for riders. Brightly colored jackets, leggings, gloves and shirts will catch the eyes of motorists, even in areas that are not well lit.
  • Reflective tape is great for bouncing extra light off your motorcycle and useful for avoiding accidents at nighttime. Cars approaching riders at nighttime should be able to see the glow from reflective tape.
  • LED lights are extremely bright and can illuminate motorcycles at nighttime. When motorists are following behind riders, it is important to have effective and highly visible brake lights.

If motorists are unable to spot riders who are doing everything imaginable to stay visible, there are no good excuses for collisions. These tips will help riders stay visible to motorists during the day and night.

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