Motorcyclists Embark On Cross-Country Trip To Honor Service Members

Two motorcyclists inspired by the Ray Charles song “America the Beautiful” have set out on a coast-to-coast journey to honor fallen soldiers and veterans. After listening to the song, a former Marine and motorcyclist felt a coast-to-coast ride across the United States was possible.

The vice president of Rolling Thunder’s Maryland chapter will join the veteran. Rolling Thunder is a non-profit that helps veterans. Both riders will raise awareness for veterans and soldiers who were prisoners of war, missing in action or killed in action.

To help give the journey a symbolic meaning, the riders will dip American flags in the Atlantic Ocean before setting out,  and at the conclusion of the trip, dip flags in the Pacific Ocean. After the trip is completed, the two motorcyclists plan to auction the flags to help further fundraise for veterans.

While on the journey, the motorcyclists will stop in several states to console the families of fallen US service members. This part of the trip will take the two motorcyclists to states that include Ohio, Iowa and Colorado, among others.

Fortunately, the patriotic motorcyclists will be well-fed while riding across the country. Ryan’s, a chain of restaurants, will greet the motorcyclists with free food in states where they have operations. The duo has reportedly brainstormed plans for future rides to all 50 states, instead of a coast-to-coast trip.

How Common Are Charity Motorcycle Events?

Motorcycle events that fundraise for veterans are common around the country. Warriors Run in New Milford, New Jersey recently attracted 600 motorcyclists. Realities Ride in Colorado, an event we wrote about earlier this week, started as a veterans’ fundraising event.

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