How Motorcyclists Are Helping Babies in Need

Who says motorcycle clubs are just for boys? It was 1986 and a group of motorcycling women were pondering this same question. Why couldn’t motorcycling women have their own club and comradery? So, they got together and put an ad in the Village Voice, and the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club was born. Now, 25 years later, this club is riding with over 40 members and they perform a unique service for their community.

How Motorcyclists Are Helping Mothers and Babies in Need

This story starts with the New York Milk Bank. It’s an organization that collects and provides human breast milk to hospitals and other care providers all over the state. It helps supply ill, premature, and neonatal babies with human milk, which is scientifically proven to benefit these babes in need. However, the organization ran into a bit of a snag.

You see, the milk bank must get its product delivered to several locations fast. To do this, it needs same-day delivery service, but the cost of such a service is too high. Julie Bouchet-Horwitz—executive director of the milk bank—was stuck between a rock and a hard place, then she saw a motorcycle speeding through the streets. That motorcycle gave her an idea.

One Google search later, and Bouchet-Horwitz started up a conversation with the Sirens Motorcycle Club. The resulting alliance has the members of the all women club riding all over New York. Each rider picks up around 30 lbs. of milk a day, delivers it to a pasteurizing center, and then takes it to local hospitals.

Club members reportedly love riding for the cause, and they are paid for their gas and tolls. This has helped the New York Milk Bank provide sustenance for babies in need all over New York State. What other creative ways can motorcycle clubs help their communities? Do you think Colorado could use such a service? Keep following the motorcycling attorneys on this blog to find out. Plus, don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.