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Is the 2018 Colorado Motorcycle Season Getting Off to a Bad Start?

Silver car hits a motorcycle

The 2018 Colorado motorcycle season has finally begun! Have you taken to the wide-open road yet? Well, some riders are getting their riding started early, but what kind of conditions are they finding out there? Public officials want you to be safe out there while riding, and so do the attorneys who ride at the … Continue reading

Who Won the First Winter X Games Gold in Hill Climb?

The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang have officially closed, and the United States didn’t come out on top as we have in the past. The U.S. scored nine gold medals, eight silver, and six bronze—ranking our country fourth in the medal standings. Of those nine golds, three were won by Coloradoans, but did you know … Continue reading

Did 2017 Motorcycle Safety Efforts Work?

Silver car hits a motorcycle

The 2018 motorcycle season is fast approaching, which means we all need a refresher course on our riding skills and our safety measures. This is especially true considering the motorcycle safety efforts undertaken by Colorado police and traffic officials last year. But were those 2017 motorcycle safety efforts effective? Did 2017 Motorcycle Safety Efforts Pay … Continue reading

Can Motorcyclists Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

Accident on the street

As the “car of the future,” autonomous vehicles have a lot of promise moving forward. Automakers claim that the vehicles will save $127 billion in damages worldwide by 2027, and by 2050 these vehicles may be able to reduce traffic fatalities by 90 percent. But are these promises too good to be true? A new … Continue reading

Should the AMA Snow Bike Series Have a Colorado Round?

Last February, we discovered a new form of winter motorsport, snow biking. Now, that sport has expanded, and is going national. However, Colorado is getting left in the cold as far as this new sport is concerned. What’s going on, and is there anyway our state can become a part of this new national championship? … Continue reading

Can the Moon Cause Motorcycle Crashes?

Moon Rider

Many things have been cited as the cause of increased motorcycle accidents: weather, wild animals, distracted drivers. However, did you ever think that the moon may be one of those causes? Researchers from the University of Toronto and Princeton University were curious about this question, so they dug up records from 1975 to 2014. What … Continue reading

Things New Riders Need to Know, But Nobody Tells Them

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So, you are thinking of getting into motorcycling. That’s fantastic news. You will never find a more committed, interesting or welcoming group of people, no matter where you look. They are open and ready to help, so if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask a motorcyclist. However, sometimes we riders can get … Continue reading