The Battle for Pikes Peak Gets Hot In 2018

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) is a race like no other. Drivers piloting cars, truck and motorcycles power up the 14,115-foot mountain all for a chance at glory. However, these winners have to keep a close eye on the records they set, because every year other racers are looking to claim those titles for themselves.

The Battle for Pikes Peak: 2018 Edition

June 24th will see another spectacular day of racing as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb gets under way. It is not only a Colorado tradition but a worldwide spectacle, so when Chris Fillmore won the motorcycle class last year it was no small feat. Not only did Filmore get the win on his KTM Superduke, he also broke a longstanding hill climb record set by Ducati racer Carlin Dunne.

Before 2017, Carlin Dunne held the record for fastest run up the hill, and he made that record riding a Ducati Multistrada. Now that KTM has dethroned Dunne, Ducati has made it a mission at their factory to reclaim the record. Partnering with sponsors such as Shell Advance, Pirelli, Spider Grips, Brembo and others, Ducati will field a new racing team for the 2018 PPIHC.

Middleweight record holder Codie Vahsholtz will team up with the former fastest man on a motorcycle up Pikes Peak—Carlin Dunne—in an all out attempt to reclaim the record for Ducati. The bike they will be riding is the new Multistrada 1260, but will this new bike be up to the task of facing the high altitude and temperamental weather that Pikes Peak is known for?

The attorneys who ride at Metier Law Firm can’t wait to see what action unfolds at this year’s Race to the Clouds! So, keep following our blog to find out more about the race and how we can help motorcyclists all over Colorado.