photo of motorcycle accident

What Motorcycle Safety Technologies Are in the Works?

In the auto world, semi-autonomous safety features and self-driving capability are all the rage at the moment. These trends often don’t seem like they would fit very well in the concept of motorcycling, but you might be surprised. There are some new technologies being tried out for motorcycles, and they could bring the autonomous trend to two wheels.

Are Motorcycle Safety Technologies Going to Be Autonomous?

Many motorcycle accidents are the result of drivers not noticing motorcycles out on the open road. That could soon change as manufacturers start to look at advanced vehicle communication systems. Ducati and Audi have been working together to develop a way for cars and motorcycles to talk to each other.

The system is called the Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology (C-V2X). It uses 5G mobile bands to communicate with other vehicles and paint a picture of every vehicle on the roadway. This will allow the system to be aware of the other vehicles on the roadway and vice-versa. This will allow cars to see motorcycles even when drivers don’t see them.

A system like this will enable cars to apply automatic braking or use semi-autonomous maneuvers to avoid collisions with vulnerable motorcyclists. On July 12th, Ducati and Audi debuted a demonstration of the C-V2X system. In the presentation, a car avoided a left-hand turn collision and a right-of-way intersection crash.

These systems have many applications, which could help motorcyclists enjoy a safer ride. What do you think about these systems? Are there other ways they can improve safety? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter, and keep following the motorcycle safety lawyers here at Metier Law Firm.