What’s Your Favorite Road To Ride?

Riding a motorcycle changes you. It is a habit that burrows deep into your soul, and no matter how long you have been away from it, time always brings you back to your bike. Hearing the wind, feeling the rumble of your engine, and leaning over as you coast through your favorite turn will always warm your heart, but finding new places to roam is also one of the most exciting things you can do on two wheels.

What’s Your Favorite Road To Ride?Photo of a motorcyclist

Have you ridden the San Juan Mountain Skyway? It’s a loop that takes you through the San Juan National forest, through Durango, and then back up to Telluride. The route is full of beautiful scenery, curvy asphalt, and the “Million Dollar Highway”—this is a really great route if you want to check out the Wild West.

Louis L’Amour found his inspiration in the region, and there are old mining towns scattered across this entire route. You’ll have plenty of places to stop and stretch, eat and clown around before you hop back on your bike and tackle the switchbacks.

As with all good riding roads, you should practice caution. There are plenty of sharp corners along the San Juan Mountain Skyway, and considering that some of those corners can be 10,000 feet up without a guard rail, riding within your limits is definitely advised. However, there is plenty to see, so there’s also no need to be in a rush.

Have you been around the Skyway? What was your trip like? Did you find a special gem that you think other riders should see? Well we want to hear about it, so go to our Twitter and Facebook and share your stories and pictures.