What’s the Hoverbike of Your Dreams?

Two years ago, we told you about the deal struck between the U.S. Army and British firm Malloy Aeronautics. Well, there’s been an update, and it could mean that you might be able to fly a speederbike like Luke Skywalker soon.

Are You Ready to Ride a Hoverbike?

Malloy Aeronautics partnered with the U.S. Army to build a hoverbike to transport troops and supplies back in 2015. Now the company has released a video showing the progress of that project. This video shows an elongated quadcopter with overlapping props flying across an enclosed testing ground. They call this vehicle the Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle, or JTARV for short. There’s only one problem, it doesn’t have a saddle.

Since undertaking the project, U.S. Army officials have said that they wish to develop this aircraft as an unmanned supplies transport. However, Malloy and the U.S. Army aren’t the only runners in this race. EHang, E-Volo, and Aerofex are all making their own bid to make hoverbikes.

In Russia, a startup called Hoversurf recently released a video of their hoverbike prototype. They call it the Scorpion-3, and this open prop hoverbike has already flown an actual rider! Hoversurf is developing this craft for extreme sport enthusiasts, which means these crafts could soon be available to the public.

Could this be the next evolution of the motorcycle? What dangers could these new machines expose? Is Fort Collins ready for motorcycle air traffic? The motorcycling attorneys of the Metier Law Firm will keep an eye on the developing hoverbike industry and let you know.