Will This New Airbag Suit Improve Motorcycle Safety?

Emerging technologies could become a leading contributor to motorcycle safety, helping motorcyclists avoid fatal accidents and catastrophic injuries. An Italian company has recently developed an “airbag suit” that motorcyclists can wear to protect the shoulders, collarbones and spine.

The advanced airbag suit can detect adverse changes in movement instantly, prompting the helium-filled airbag to deploy. To work, the airbag system consists of a wireless piece of equipment mounted on the bike and an airbag filling the inside of the suit. By using advanced sensors, the developers claim the suit cannot accidentally deploy.

Although professional motorcyclists have taken advantage of airbag bodysuit technology, availability has been lacking for normal riders. Technology used by professional racers is likely to be both expensive and exclusive. Unfortunately, this wearable airbag costs $2,100 and might be out of reach for some riders.

The Italian company is not alone in producing innovative products that can protect motorcyclists from catastrophic injuries. Several weeks ago, we wrote about two major auto manufacturers developing a similar airbag jacket for motorcyclists. If more companies attempt to develop high-tech attire that can contribute to motorcycle safety, ideas like wearable airbags will become less exclusive.

According to the Mayo Clinic, auto and motorcycle accidents account for 35 percent of new spinal cord injuries annually. Finding ways to protect motorcyclists from impacts associated with accidents might help reduce the number of catastrophic injuries and deaths.

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