Winter Is Coming Part III: What You Didn’t Get To Do In The Summer

Is there ever too much you can do for your motorcycle? We don’t think so—that’s why we have been giving you tips on how to store you motorcycle over the winter—and we’re not done yet…

Photo of a motorcyclistWhat You Didn’t Get To Do In The Summer

Winter time isn’t just those months when you park your bike and do nothing with your free time. This is also the time when you can do all those motorcycle maintenance tasks that you’ve been meaning to do. Need an oil change? Roll up your sleeves and get to it. Blinker blinking funny? Get the wire snips and the soldering iron.

Remember that while your bike is sitting in the garage, your tires could be developing flat spots. To prevent this cupping, you should get a motorcycle stand that lifts your tires off the ground. If you can’t get a stand then you should go into the garage and shift your bike’s tires about once a week. However, maintenance isn’t your only option during the winter.

Everybody enjoys the sound and power a new exhaust can provide, and winter is the perfect time to put that on. During the winter you could go get your bike a new paint job and not cut into your ride time. Ever wanted to convert your bike to fuel injection? That’s what winter is for! This is a good time to get those upgrades you’ve always wanted but were too busy riding to get done. So splurge a little and make your ride really great.

Don’t forget to find a place to test your bike out when spring comes along. Making sure all your adjustments, maintenance, and upgrades didn’t cause some sort of malfunction is essential to keeping your ride safe. Keep following our motorcycle blog for even more tips and news that can help you stay safe on the road.