Motorcycle Accident Kills Father and Son

An Austin man and his teenage son died in a motorcycle accident in Austin, Texas on New Year’s Day.

According to police, Rodney A. Carr, 31, and Rodney A. Carr, Jr., 13, were riding on Berger Street near Sara Drive around 5:15 p.m. The father crashed into a parked car after he lost control of his motorcycle, and both father and son sustained critical head injuries.

Neither rider wore a motorcycle helmet, even though state law requires riders under the age of 21 to wear a helmet. Carr Sr. did not have a motorcycle license, and the bike was not registered to him. The Carrs were the first traffic deaths in Austin for 2013.

Riding with Young Passengers

In Texas, riders cannot carry passengers who are under the age of 5. In Colorado, there are no age restrictions for motorcycle passengers, but there are laws that keep small children from riding as passengers. According to Colorado motorcycle laws, bikes must have a passenger seat behind the operator as well as footrests. The passenger must be able to reach the footrests.

If police catch you riding without a license, you could owe hundreds of dollars in fines and spend time in jail. A motorcycle license ensures that you understand the basics of motorcycle safety. Bikers face many risks, and a basic grasp of these concepts helps to create safer roads for everyone.

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