Are Motorcycle Accident Rates Increasing For Older Riders?

Motorcycles are a fun hobby for many people, but sometimes that hobby can turn into a tragedy. New National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics are showing that baby boomers are making up a large demographic of motorcycle accident victims.

According to the NHTSA statistics for 2013, riders 55 to 64 years old accounted for 16.3 percent of motorcycle accident injuries and deaths. The number of baby boomers in motorcycle accidents a decade ago was 9 percent, and even lower at 3 percent in the early 1990s.

Why Are the Number of Accidents Increasing For Older Riders?

There are several reasons why older motorcyclists are making up a larger demographic of motorcycle accident victims, some are obvious. For example, older motorcyclists may have slower reflexes and poorer vision, and their bodies may be more fragile to the impact from an accident.

Another reason for the spike in accidents has to do with the size of the baby boomer demographic, which has increased in the last decade. There are more baby boomers in the population, which means a higher probability for an accident.

Manufacturers and motorcycle associations are stressing the importance of being prepared by enrolling in motorcycle safety courses. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has safety materials geared towards “seasoned riders” to provide information on how to stay safe on a motorcycle as a rider ages.

It is important for riders of all ages to understand there are many obstacles on the road that would be deadly to them, but not necessarily to other motorists. Unexpected debris and traffic, poor drivers and dangerous weather can quickly turn a nice ride into a life-altering experience.

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You can read more about the NHTSA statistics by visiting the Wall Street Journal.

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