Motorcycle Accident Survivor Adapts to a Spinal Cord Injury

One of the most important steps an accident survivor can take in his or her recovery is to stick with rehabilitation and find ways to adapt to injuries.

After sustaining a spinal cord injury during a motorcycle accident, a 20-year-old woman from Paris has spent the last year learning to adapt without the use of one of her arms. The young woman has brachial plexus palsy, a type of injury that damages the nerves responsible for controlling arm movement.

According to the young woman, one of the most difficult aspects of sustaining a catastrophic injury is that it is no longer possible to do many of the things she is used to doing. She has reinvented many of her everyday habits to adapt to the injury, such as getting dressed.

Not All Spinal Cord Injuries Result in Total Paralysis

Other health complications have made her recovery difficult. Amputations and injuries that involve nerve damage can cause neuropathic pain, also known as phantom pain. Neuropathic pain can cause a burning sensation, itching and tingling in a damaged or absent limb. The condition can be distracting and difficult to handle on a daily basis, but the young woman has not let it stop her from continuing with her recovery.

We have posted before about other individuals with spinal cord injuries who have taken part in adaptive sports or invented wheelchairs that allow a standing position. It is inspiring to see a person with the mental and physical determination to remain strong, independent and committed to living after suffering such a catastrophic injury.

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